„Special Warfare“ ist das offizielle und professionelle Magazin der U.S. Army Special Operations Forces. Die Ausgabe Jänner 2024 gibt es HIER gratis im Download.

Der Inhalt:

05 | Commander’s Corner

06 | Letter from the Editor

07 | Useful Fiction: Operation Black Ditch

13 | USAJFKSWCS Continuous Transformation

and Modernization: Visualizing SWCS 2030

with Voices of ARSOF

20 | RUSIC: Empowering the Army’s Special

Operations Soldier with Unmanned


24 | PSYWAR School: For the Range of

Military Operations

28 | Improving the “U” in ARSOF

32 | FM 3-53: Transforming Army

Influence Activities

34 | Master Sgt. David K. Thuma

Noncommissioned Officer Academy:

Professional Military Education for our Next

Enlisted Leaders

36 | The Special Forces Warrant Officer Institute:

Army Excellence Personified

39 | Irregular Warfare Academy: Origins