Von Private Military Contractor International gibt es die derzeitige Ausgabe (Mai 2017) zum Download oder online Lesen. Der Inhalt: Training: Force on force, A case for Airsoft in the real world?, we get together again with Eli from Project Gecko to garner his thoughts on when Airsoft is appropriate in relation to training; Book Review: „War on two fronts“; Training: Horizon medical, full updates on some of the very best training in the UK; Editors Comment: A whole new world order; Gear on test: the PMCI team make their recommendations; Tactical Innovation: Viper re-engineered, Viper have been making tactical kit for sears, but have they finally hit their stride?; Tactical innovation: New directions from Helikon-Tex, 2016 saw some new directions for Helikon-Tex, 2017 Takes things to a whole new level!; IWA 2017: the PMCI take, after travelling to Las Vegas for SHOT the UK team bring us their thoughts on the euro equivalent!; Knives and Tools: Birler Axe, Trampas takes a close look at the Birler axe, one of the great products to emerge from Columbia river knife and tool’s „forged by war“ program; Firearms: Kimber, downrange with another american icon, the Kimber family of 1911s!; Tech: Aimcam, it’s a full blown pair of safety glasses with a 1080p camera, what more does a shooter need!; Skills and drills: Andy gets his teeth into the oft forgotten skill of point shooting; special report: blue force gear, all the very latest from the us gear guys!; Book Review: „Counterinsurgency in paradise, seven decades of civil war in the Philippines“; Industry Vacancies: looking for work? Just check here.

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